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The  TEXT CHAT COMPONENT APP, which can be inserted into an album for Augmented Reality (served as usual by a dispatcher).

It is a (content) component capable of activating a text chat and automatically registering the WIF that activated the active object as the only one authorized to participate [one-to-one service].

. This content is named TEXT CHAT COMPONENT APP.

This component includes an AGENDA to indicate whether to activate or not depending on the augmented reality active object activation time.

Time is on UTC basis.

The Component specifies the language of the chat , therefore the  WIF user in the participation APP can dialogue in the native language or use translations such as for in any chat in which she decides to participate.

The user connected in the corner served by ADV TEXT CHAT PARTICIPATION can choose this new one by activating it from the list of chats and start participating in the dialogue.

Text Chat component.png
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