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[Belongs to the Textual Assets APPS family]


Those who create augmented reality should be able to take advantage of the technology offered by APP for AR and create text and voice messages suitable for the languages of the WIFs that will meet the active objects capable of activating these contents.
The application angle COGNITIVE LANGUAGE TASK [other angles are present such as DOCUMENTS COGNITIVE TASK covered in another demo] allows you to perform this function.
The customer chooses the language in which to type the text, defines the identification key of the context (to be able to replace its content later on as needed) and starts production in all LANGUAGES and WITH ALL available items.
The active element encountered and framed in physical reality has a connection with a dispatcher which will not have to differentiate according to the language of the WIF: it automatically retrieves the version suitable for the logged WIF.

For the same language, a female and a male voice are always guaranteed.
For many languages, there are many choices.

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