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xAR Follis TOKEN

The app4AR ecosystem uses the token called xAR Follis for all economic mechanisms
which has the icon shown alongside.
xAR is a token valued in exchange for debit or credit services maintained in a 1:1 ratio with the Fiat EUR currency.
Any transaction, if performed on the Ethereum blockchain or optional Algorand, uses the quotation on the market of the major Ethereum managers or Algorand for the exchange rate xAR (EUR)/ ETH or xAR(EUR)/ALGO.
The registration costs of the distributed ledger are added to the exchange value.
Each role and the related accounts and underlying smart contracts are in any case connected to the Fiscal Smart Contract that any CLIENT has activated at the very moment in which he activates his main Smart Contract account or USER  in case the user wants promotional credits that advertisers or campaigns may generate.
The xAR Follis trademarks and related symbols are copyrighted to


In accordance with the provisions of the European Union called MICA Markets in crypto-assets (MiCA), xAR is a token for services rendered.
APP4Ar does not make exchanges, nor does it sell any cryptocurrencies. xAR is NOT a stablecoin.


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