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APP4AR clients are allowed to access a set of REST APIs.
After defining a dispatcher and the relative albums and in these the types of multimedia components that he wants to compose the content, the customer can populate the albums by accessing a series of REST APIs
The REST APIs are exposed and accessible to customers with the role of APP4AR Partners. The account and the smart contract are created and dedicated to this activity.
The underlying smart contract regulates the economic mechanism.
The REST APIs obtain the access code to the service by querying entry points exposed in the smart contract in the Blockchain Ethereum.


ROLE # 22


The REST APIs are qualified into distinct types depending on which assets or resources the customer wants to enter into the Reale-Virtual  ecosystem


The CLIENT with the role of giving access to the REST API SERVICES, can create :

  • custom unique target id

  • dispatchers ;

  • albums;

  • in each album enter components such as images, movies, sound clips, simple chirps, links to radio stations, OpenAi private or public models,  and 3D presentations.

Using the REST API dedicated to notifications, the client can notify the existence of such dispatchers the members of the existing groups.
The groups are those defined by the client in the appropriate Application Corner and the subscribers must, as foreseen, accept the registration to the group. Recipients can be registered as users or clients of APP4AR.

Code for charging the client's REST API role:



The customer enabled to use REST API can create a CUSTOM UNIQUE Target Id . Upload an image. APP4AR analyzes the uniqueness and quality and if it can be inserted it proceeds to create an Active Target that can be used in augmented reality.
The Rest API sends the customer the identifier of the active Target that it has created in the REST API by email.
This will be used in the next use of the REST API for creating the dispatcher.

Code for charging the client's REST API role:


The CLIENT with the role of giving access to the REST API SERVICES can enter the notification system of notifications of the single recipient type or belong to a group. Global notifications are not allowed.
The groups are those defined by the customer in the appropriate Application Corner and the subscribers must, as foreseen, accept the registration to the CLIENT group. Recipients can be registered as users or clients of APP4AR.

The notification can include a CUSTOM UNIQUE Target Id of the client who in REST API sends the POST of type Notification [to her/his groups] and this allows when f selected by the WIF acting within the notification itself, to simulate the framing of the underlying Target Id as if the WIF framed it in physical reality.
The promoter rest-api client must obviously have prepared the target Id and the linked dispatcher.

Code for charging the client's REST API role:



The client with the role who allows access to the A.I. ROLE , can create and send his paragraphs as in the annotation ecosystem:


  • - private ;

  • - public: this service is subject to approval by APP4AR and each text includes a "source related disclaimer paragraph";

Code for charging the client's REST API role:


Using these rest APIs it is possible to parameterize the presentation environment. You customize the logo and various titles.
Also all scrolling text panels, video movies, background panel clips and welcome entry clips.

Code for charging the client's REST API role:



Panel 08 of the SHOWCASE environment can be declared free upon receipt of advertisements or used to allow further presentations in the showcase or access to multiple WEB pages and listen to subsequent sound clips

The CONTENT of the virtual world is expanded in the booth named SHOWCASE.

The Dispatcher includes information to play alternative content based on the language of the WIF or valid for any language [ANY] or for an unanticipated Cognitive Azure Language Code [OTHER].
THE ENVIRONMENT is the virtual space of the showcase (that includes some scrolling texts, sound clips, videos, a button to open a web page, titles, logo,..)  that accepts and reproduces the content and it is created instantiated in a STANDARD form (any case appropriate for the language of the WIF) .

The CLIENT for the activated targetId [following specific dispatcher details ] can replace all or part of the ENVIRONMENT  by customizing the environment with access to resources, also outside the context of APP4AR.


The client can generate NAVIGATION NOTIFICATIONS which will be submitted to the WIF RECIPENT FILTER.
The notification is inserted among the other navigation notifications signaling that it can cause SHOWCASE to overlap.
According to the update rate of navigations generated by notifications and in accordance with the filters set by the WIF and the target WIFs of the notification itself, the notification navigations menu will show this opportunity. The selection by the WIF develops the augmented reality and through an appropriate control of the environment (panel08) the promoter can start a series of successive virtual realities and scheduled visits to the WEB. The cine-machine activates the navigation towards the SHOWCASE which starts the virtual presentation.

Code for charging the client's REST API role:



Via API it is possible to enter information that refers to RESOURCE ASSET in the META-WEB. For example:
  the existence of an NFT in the ETH-STORE, an instantiated active object, a dispatcher (AccessRow Key)...
This allows the identification of these resources through the use of the customized version of Microsoft BING (Meta-Web Search Engine).

Code for charging the client's REST API role:



Specific application corners in APP4ARFull allow you to use six Cognitive Services for Language and perform a series of manipulations on audio clips and tests.
In some APIs it is possible that the customer decides to use the COGNITIVE LANGUAGE SERVICES.
These will complete the versions in the requested languages starting from a basic text of which the API indicates the external source URL [automatic translations] and will be able to create the related voice clips



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