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The background setting of each booth includes text components, video and audio clips.
Depending on its function, the support provides for a default loading.
The creator of augmented reality can define the desired contents in the appropriate corners of the application:
- for text panels the author assigns each panel a content identifier created at the Cognitive Services for Language freely associated for each panel in the corner dedicated to the content;
- the monitor is able to play movies from a predefined list in the content corner;
- the audio panel can reproduce a list of audio clips associated with the audio part of the contents created in the Cognitive Services for the language;
- welcome audio clip, associated with the audio part of a content created at Cognitive services for language;
- the right side panel can be left free to receive advertising (specifying the NACE 1 market codes and NACE filter in the corner dedicated to the content, or alternatively defined to expand the content;
- the three images and the texts are obviously defined in the corner dedicated to the contents
- the left side panel includes a list of links to the content creator's website or others;
- All panels have a title and an icon image of their content;

APP4AR offers some APIs to assign the setting background of the content stands.

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