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PDF DOCUMENTAL RESOURCE: Augmented Reality Content

demo icon.png

This demo shows the content corner dedicated to viewing the PDF resources available following the activation of an active object placed in physical reality, framed by the WIF and activated.
In this example, reality has been augmented by an Italian-speaking tourist agent and WIF is an English-speaking user who, following activation in augmented reality, receives a list of pdf resources as defined by the owner of the resources.
The identity and logo of the augmented reality owner are shown.

By selecting the dedicated option, it is possible to download the PDF resource on a WEB page for use outside the APP4AR environment.


In this example, the English-speaking WIF may have:

  • activated an object placed in physical reality (2D or 3D active object),

  • or the WIF has received a Notification in the Eco Notification System and has accepted its activation,

  • or through an advertising message (panel 08 of some STAND active in its augmented reality) selected by the WIF for activation,

  • or through an expansion  message (panel 08 of some STAND active in its augmented reality) chosen by WIF for activation

  •  received a navigation notification and the WIF has chosen to proceed with the 3D navigation.

The activation, generated in one way or another, develops the content in virtual reality. This example among countless forms of content, exemplifies the PDF-type content included in some application (content) corner owned by an Italian travel agency.
The Agency presents its logo and identification.
The Menu shows which PDF resources the WIF can choose from. Selected however shows in which versions are translated into various languages and are available. Once the document has been selected, the WIF chooses the language version of interest. With a special option, WIF can decide whether to view or download.
In addition, the WIF has complete control over the language used to interact with the APP corner. The default is her declared language but she can completely alter the UI by changing another language at her discretion.
She can also operate with the 3D TOOLS sub-corner to move, rotate or scale the active PDF corner APP.

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