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The ADVANCED TEXT CHAT PARTICIPATION APP allows the connected user to participate in active text chats.
The list of active chats shows those in which you can participate having received specific consent for your code, or for the group you belong to.
The list shows the chat creator's public name and the creator's base language.
Once the Chat has been chosen, it sends the participation request and receives the activation.
I send your messages to the chat producing them through various methods:
- typing from the keyboard
- referring to a textual URL on the WEB;
- using the collaborative APP APPMICSPEECHTOTEXT by speaking into the microphone;
- using the collaborative APP APPWAVSPEECHTOTEXT which offers the search for voice clips in local files or in its cloud container of voice clips by translating the content into text;
- accessing local text files via the browser;
- accessing the text blobs in your cloud containers via search.
However produced, the text is presented to be checked and, if necessary, modified.
If the language is consistent with that of the CHAT you can proceed with sending. Otherwise, it uses ADVANCED sending in which case the translation is carried out into the basic language of the chat to which the sending follows
This method presupposes a basic account being charged a cost with the reason: ACNT-ADVANCED-CHAT-TRANSLATIONS.
Users have some free attempts available.

The sending process is indicated in YELLOW..

Received messages from other participants are processed by the translation module on the receiving channel. The translation takes place in the language of the connected user.
Each message, both outgoing and incoming, in CHAT TEXT is always accompanied by a data structure that includes: language, sending time, sender, ..
When it is added to the presentation form (where sending and receiving one after another) the original and translated versions appear. If the user disables translation on reception (for reasons of lack of utility or cost), only the original text appears.

Receiving process is indicated in BLUE..

It is possible to include in the message sent or receive a DISPATCHER TARGET ID in the message.
In the panel showing the conversation the user can select it and activate it: this is equivalent to the activation of an active object in AUGMENTED REALITY connected to the same dispatcher.
To be able to insert DISPTCEHR when sending, the user can use the ISPATCHER search panel and select them for inclusion.

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